Post production, editing, graphics and SFX

Our Covent Garden based video post-production suites are state of the art, handling all leading formats and video mixing, sound mixing desk

This allows our editors and content designers the speed to experiment and collaborate with our clients - delivering immediacy and flexibility.

Services include editing on Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, Graphics, Compositing, Animation, VFX, Grading, Audio Post, Encoding, Mastering, DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring and duplication.

With a diverse range of skills in design, 3D and compositing, the @Voytek team can provide the solution for high end design and effects based projects. Whether you just want to add a little atmosphere to your shots, create visual continuity, animate characters, or turn day into night, we can inject mood, energy and impact. We offer powerful, resolution independent animation and compositing, including After Effects, Maya and 3D Studio Max.

In addition to our production expertise, clients also benefit from @Voytek's resources, including professional voice over, soundtracks, sound effects, graphics and 3D collections. As well our extensive sound collections, we can also commission exactly the right music for you.

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